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Government Relations

Pittman Law Group represents its clients before government and stakeholder officials at every level. We take advantage of our governmental experience to ensure each client’s interests are actively presented before elected officials, public servants as well as executive groups. We quickly and decisively analyze issues, advise on how to build upon strengths, address weaknesses and reach the appropriate decision makers for each particular issue.


Our firm provides in-depth research, personal relationships and the tracking of legislation instrumental to informed policy and strategic decisions. In today’s fast-paced media driven world, communication is an essential element of effective policy strategy. Pittman Law Group is constantly on the watch for legislation and/or regulations that may impact our clientele. Our staff continually updates our strategies to new information and objectives. We will customize a legislative strategy designed to help you achieve your goals.


PLG builds upon its strengths by following the myriad of parliamentary, legislative, bureaucratic, consultative and political activities affecting specific issues and the general interests of our clients. We gather information and fit the pieces of the puzzle together, allowing us to provide relevant, valuable insights.




Our administrative law practice incorporates a range of clientele representation from health care professionals before licensing boards, to union and non-union employees before unemployment agencies and/or workers compensation boards.


Pittman Law Group’s composition of experienced lobbyists, consultants, leaders of various agencies and boards and reputation for success at all levels of government, as well as business practice, makes us the premier option for effective representation.


Administrative law includes state and federal agencies, federal regulations and a host of other agencies and legislature requiring representation for an insightful, effective approach to your situation. The complex nature of administrative law demands experienced practice involving not only attorneys, but also professionals familiar with the opposing entities allowing for a positive effect on your case.


Our Administrative practice has now expanded to representing Bail Bond Agents before Florida’s Department of Financial Services


Commercial Transactions:

Commercial transactions involve a range of issues including banking, corporate finance, real estate development, lease financing, mortgages and other agreements between parties. The various purchases, sales and preparation involved in the day to day operations of businesses and its constituents require an interdisciplinary practice group capable of meeting the needs of all of its clientele.


Amassing experienced professionals capable of representing both service providers as well as customers gives the Pittman Law Group a unique perspective and the capacity to achieve results. Our firm offers insight to realtors, lenders, mortgage brokers, developers, investors, individuals and other clientele for all of their commercial transaction needs.


Wills and Probate:

After the death of a loved one the task of administering the estate of the deceased could prove daunting. The Pittman Law Group staff is equipped to sensitively assist with all disputes and professionally guide the process of distributing the deceased’s property.


The evaluation of an existing probate estate, regardless of size or complexity is a difficult process our team of attorneys can efficiently settle. The specific needs of our clientele are considered from the onset of our work, allowing us to provide excellent service, minimize discrepancies and quickly conclude this difficult time in our clientele’s life.


Family Law:

Family law can be daunting during a potentially painful, emotional time in your life. Here at Pittman Law Group, we will help guide you so you and your loved ones are best protected. Family laws can change and we are up to date on all the latest per the local, state and federal changes that may impact you during this process.



Our experience in the field allows us to act as effective negotiators and serve our clients with the skill and precision needed to enforce contracts and protect their rights.


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